The Adventures of Rex Stone

Opportunities in Asia

First steps on the road

Not a big fan of Bart.

But finally got upgraded to first class going to Lax…


Since when to you have to pay for everything in the American Airlines lounge? ?
Not much point then, if you pay for the privilege, then pay some more…


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Bay Area Spare the Air

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Still Working

It’s almost 4:00am and I’m still up working..
Sigh :(


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For those like me with wanderlust, I shed a tear watching it.

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Chinese Slang – It’s Awesome !

It is great! It is awesome! It is wonderful! It is amazing!
In Chinese, you can just say “真棒! (Zhēn bàng!)”

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For all my friends Learning English

They don’t teach you this in English Class !

[mp3j track=""]


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Last Meal in China

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Potential Office Space in China

Here is a Video of our potential office space. It’s in the center of town. Easy access by train, bus or private car to:

  1. Hong Kong +- 1 Hour
  2. Shenzhen +- 1 Hour
  3. Guanzhou +- 1 Hour
The monthly cost will be around 2000 – 3000 RMB =$300-$450 USD per month + Electricity and Internet.
CP Office Space 1of4
CP Office Space 2of4
CP Office Space 3of4
CP Office Space 4of4

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Breakfast in China

The Congee is good this morning !



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In Korea after a Sea of Time